The Future Of Food Is Portable, A Little Weird


By Evan Ackerman

Behold! No more will mankind have to search in two places for soda and chicken! From BBQ Chicken USA (I haven’t heard of it either, it’s from Korea) comes the Col-Pop, a soda cup with a special insert on top that holds chicken nuggets (or spaghetti, or french fries, or fried mozzarella balls). Unfortunately, due to the second law of thermodynamics, two things are inevitably going to happen: hotter soda, and colder chicken. Is the convenience worth it? I say, YES! Too bad I can’t partake in this emerging technology; so far BBQ Chicken USA only has open stores in NY, NC, and NJ.

After the jump, cereal gets compartmentalized.

Cereal To Go

The concept here is fairly simple, but the implementation is clever: two separate containers keep your milk/yogurt and cereal segregated until you’re ready to combine them and enjoy that magical 30 seconds before your Cap’n Crunch gets reduced to loathsome slime. The liquid container has a built-in gelpack that you can freeze to keep your milk icy cold, and a folding utensil is included. Yours in one of four colors for a mere $5.

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