The Forever Alone Back Massager


Vibrating, ball-toting devices that are meant to be used on your back are wonderful for relieving aches and pains. But they require an extra accessory that doesn’t come in the packaging: a second person to roll them around on your back. Not so if you buy the above Ergonomical Back Massager. It features a long, curved handle that allows you to keep your hands at waist level while rolling a plastic ball around on your own back. An oscillating motor provides vibrations in the 4,500 to 5,500-rpm range, while one of three interchangeable heads make for different types of massage: “[There’s] a “point” [head] for precise trigger point release, [a] “knuckle” [head] for multiple knots in the same area, and a “palm” [head] to help promote circulation.”

Scratching, or rather, massaging your own back isn’t exactly the cheapest of options, at $100. But it’s perhaps a small price to pay for someone with a knotted dorsal area, and no one around to smoothe those knots out.

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