The Firefly, Disposable Ballistic Camera

By David Ponce

You know something? The Israelis really seem to be into this concept: take a camera, toss it in the action, see what happens.

First, they came out with a rugged ball shaped spycam. Now this! It’s called the Firefly, and it’s made by Rafael Land Systems. It can be launched up to 600m from an M16’s underslung grenade launcher, by any non specially-trained soldiers. The “ballistic camera” will then lob in the air, all the while taking video and transmitting back to ground operators’ PDAs.

Once it reaches the ground, it, well it smashes up.

Useful, if you’re into that war stuff.

Story VIA Defensetech VIA The Raw Feed.

8 thoughts on “The Firefly, Disposable Ballistic Camera”

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  2. Nothing in the DefenseTech blurb indicates that this is a camera and a grenade; if propulsion can be swapped out, it might be reused, but chances are it becomes useless on impact (tough on lenses, I’d wager).

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