The Evil Monkey Strikes Again

So that’s it then. We come in to OhGizmo headquarters, only to find this little monkey in a corner, smoking a cigarette with a smug look on his face. At first, we just stare each other down, but when I decide to jump and grab, he bolts out the window. The little bastard…

So, what did he do in the office? He didn’t just come in to have a look at me, did he? Well, I look around, and sure enough, there it is. Eh, nothing much, really. He’d only replaced my regular keyboard with a DAS Keyboard!

Being a weak geek ninja, I had to admit defeat. I couldn’t work in those conditions! It’s unprofessional! So, I left the office in a huff, and came down to a cyber cafe to tell you the story.

Oh, yeah, and, well as a result of all this, there will be no Friday posts. Be back on Monday though for some very interesting new things. I’m beginning to get some schwag to review, and you’ll be hearing all about that and more on Monday.

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