The Entertrainer Exercise Motivator

The Entertrainer (Image courtesy PowerUp Fitness)
By Andrew Liszewski

The hardest part to exercising on a stationary bike or other piece of equipment is staying motivated. The people behind the Entertrainer realised that since most people watch TV while working out it could also be used as an effective source of motivation.

To use this device simply put the wireless heart rate monitor around your chest and then synchronize the main Entertrainer controller to your television set. As you’re working out the device will slowly turn down the volume on your television unless you maintain the target heart rate you selected. If your exercising falls well below the desired amount the Entertrainer will turn the TV all the way down and eventually shut it off. It’s definitely not a bad idea and will probably be especially effective for those persons hopelessly addicted to that wonderful glowing box.

The Entertrainer is currently available on their website for $139.99.

[The Entertrainer] VIA [The Red Ferret Journal]

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