The Ecorider, An Eco-Friendly Country Scooter

ecoriderBy David Ponce

With a few exceptions (like the Tesla Roadster), having an eco-conscious ride involves making a few sacrifices in terms of either looks or performance. The Ecorider is one such vehicle. The scooter paradoxically runs on diesel (although it’s also available in biodiesel or petrol versions), yet manages an impressive 120mpg. The large, wide tires distribute pressure over a larger area, putting only 2psi on pressure on the ground — less than a person walking. The CO2 emissions stand at 83% less than an average quad.

The only problem with this bike is that in the UK, it’s classified as a “light agricultural vehicle”, and as such you’re supposed to keep it off the road most of the time. And the top speed is 25mph with offroad tires, and 32mph with normal tires. That makes this a little tractor, more than anything else. The petrol engine version will cost you $3,700, while the diesel version goes for $4,500. Interestingly, the engines are interchangeable.

[Ecorider] VIA [Ubergizmo]