The Earthquake Plant

By David Ponce

Here we have something quirky, useful, scientific… yes, even perhaps lifesaving. And, egads… it’s green! If you must know, I don’t eat green. I think green stuff (plants, vegetables and such) are Someone’s idea of a cruel joke.

Anyway, moving right along. It seems some Japanese companies, like Nikkoseed Co.Ltd. and Blooming Scape Co, are importing from the US an Earthquake Plant. It’s called Mimosa pudica and allegedly senses when an earthquake is imminent by getting its panties all up in a bunch at any faint sign of a tremor. In other words, it’ll open up first, then fold back down and act all funny, and that’s supposed to be your cue to run into the basement or whatever it is you’re supposed to do in an earthquake.

So, when you see this plant acting up, it might mean the Big One is right around the corner… or maybe Auntie Bertha is on her way for dinner.

And, oh, well… delicious Japan, how you keep those prices well hidden away in your folds of incomprehensibility. Perhaps our Japanese readers can help? Nikkoseed or Blooming Scape. Story VIA Odd Things From Japan.

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