The DR Power Leaf Vacuum

By David Ponce

When you’re tidying your lawn and getting rid of your dead leaves, you have three choices. You can make like in 1955, and rake’em. You could also blow them around, put them on the sidewalk and make them someone else’s problem. Or.

You could plunk down close to $2k and purchase the DR leaf and lawn vacuum, tie it to the back of your lawnmower tractor (make sure it’s at least 14hp, and has a right-side chute) and shred all those pesky leaves away, while cutting the grass at the same time!

That’s right, the DR is pretty much a big vacuum cleaner. It’ll suck and actually shred up to 3,100 gallons of leaves before you need to get off your bum and empty it. It sports a lively 7hp engine, to make sure no leaf is left behind.

Check out the product page. Story VIA Treehugger.