The Disk Combobulation (Get It?)

the disk combobulation

By David Ponce

With yesterday’s post of repurposed PC parts, it seems only fitting that we’d mention George Hart‘s Disk Combobulation (his name, not mine (I’m not that clever)).

You have to realize that cool as it looks, it’s not just a bunch of floppies arranged willy-nilly. There’s some order in the madness, and there are no better words than the creator’s to describe it.

The Disk Combobulation I is an assemblage of thirty 3.5 inch floppy diskettes, slotted and slid into each other gluelessly, embodying a precise five-color pattern. Each diskette is penetrated by diskettes of the other four colors. Twelve five-sided openings are each bordered by the five different colors in a different cyclic order. The six of any one color are arranged in the form of an exploded cube. For any choice of three different colors, there is one point where all three touch in a clockwise order; at the opposite point, they touch in a counterclockwise order.

Yeah… He’s into geometric sculptures and such. Can you tell?

This particular piece is not for sale. It’s on display (or was, as the timestamp on the site reads 1999) at the Goudreau Museum in New Hyde Park, NY.

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