The Datasound

datasound turntable

By David Ponce

The Datasound does pretty much what the name implies: it takes data, all sorts of data, and automagically turns it into “music”. Now, when it comes to these types of products, I do a pretty bad job of explaining, so let me introduce my friend Copy&Paste:

Datasound offers an alternative and more sensual interpretation of electronic data by exploring their musical potential. Datasound is a fully functional musical instrument that enables you to hear, mix, scratch and perform digital data signals, from a picture, an old program floppy, a computer virus, a love letter, or a drawing?

On the right side of the deck stands a turntable that plays 5.25? floppy disks.The datasound mixing deck is completed with a sampler that reproduces in real time samples obtained from a variety of objects that contain or generate data: a Winchester hard drive, a neon light, a 3.5? floppy disk drive, a flatbed scanner, data cartriges, travel cards?

Looks like this may be a one of a kind instrument, so your money may not be any good this time around.

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