The Dark Knight Rides: Batman Motorcycle Helmet

The Dark Knight Rides: Batman Motorcycle Helmet

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You might not have a Batcycle nor a bat cave to park your ride in. But you can at least ride in style (and in the image and likeness of the Dark Knight) with this awesome Batman motorcycle helmet. It’s DOT certified and comes with interchangeable visors, so you can go from clear to tinted, depending on the riding conditions.

The helmet, which has Batman’s signature pointy ears, is made using a┬áproprietary elastomer formula that’s durable yet flexible and pliable. It’s available in a range of sizes, from XS to 2XL, so you’re bound to find one that fits.

Batman Helmet

Additionally, the helmet’s shell design allows maximum venting and comfort. The large eyeport opening provides greater visibility, while adjustable chin vents direct the flow of air through the helmet to prevent fogging.

The Batman motorcycle helmet (HD100) is priced at $325.

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