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The Dark Knight Flying Attack Bat - I Must've Missed That Part Of The Movie

Batman: The Dark Knight Attack Bat (Image courtesy Entertainment Earth)
By Andrew Liszewski

Batman's definitely known for his wonderful toys, and while the The Dark Knight didn't disappoint when it came to crime-fighting electronics and gadgetry, I guess I must have dozed off at some point since I don't remember seeing him use this particular weapon. The Dark Knight Attack Bat sits quietly on a bat-themed display stand until you push a button causing its eyes to glow while it begins to make chittering noises. Pushing another button will then cause it to spread its wings and take flight around your room until I assume its lack of radar will cause it to crash into a wall or a hilariously misplaced expensive Ming Vase. So if you're a fan of Batman and have a penchant for collecting items that have never, or will never appear in any of the films, comics, TV shows or video games, you can pick one of these up from Entertainment Earth for $27.99.

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