The Daddle Is A Saddle For Dads; Dignity Need Not Apply

By David Ponce

Once again proving that the gift of childbirth is really a euphemism for the death of manhood, we learn today that the Daddle exists. It’s a saddle for dads. Not so that dads specifically can ride something without damaging their nether regions. It’s so that dads can be ridden, by their kids. Meant for children ages 2 to 6, the following review on Amazon best sums things up:

“Please note that this Daddle is Western Style and will not be appropriate for those trained in the English Father Riding Method whereby one holds a rein in each hand and posts the trot. If you are looking forward to father jumping, father fox hunting, father polo or daddy dressage you will not be able to use this Daddle. Western Daddle riders hold the reins with one hand, and sit the trot. The pommel or horn on this Daddle is meant to hold a lariat which is useful when roping cattle or other competing or unruly fathers.”

Indeed, yes, well… A Western Style Daddle is $35.

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