The Cursor Kite

Cursor Kite (Image courtesy WindFire Designs)
By Andrew Liszewski

Who ever said kite flying was boring and uninteresting? Oh right, that was me. Well regardless this cursor kite by Tim Elverston is probably not as nimble or controllable as those stunt kites we’ve all seen on the beach but it sure does make for some interesting photos. While these shots may look like some clever Photoshopin’ it is an actual kite specially engineered with invisible fittings, quad-line control and opposed-bow tensioning to allow the asymmetrical shape of a desktop cursor to actually fly.

The Cursor Kite is apparently the beginning of the WildFire Designs’ ‘OS’ series of kites but does not appear to be available for sale as of yet.

[The Cursor Kite] VIA [Make: Blog]

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