The Cube Tube Reinvents Ice Trays

The Cube Tube Reinvents Ice Trays

By David Ponce

The value of smart design can’t be overemphasized. And it’s all the more refreshing when it comes to everyday objects. Like regular ice trays. Those things are stupid. You have to pull off a balancing act between the sink and the freezer so you won’t spill any water, and then getting the ice out and into a glass is yet another crapshoot. The Cube Tube pictured above solves both of those problems at once:

Cube Tube is a vertical ice cube tray that prevents you from spilling water while transporting a full tray of water to your freezer. It also provides the user better control while dropping the ice into a drink. Just fill the tube, insert the divider, seal the tube and freeze. Once it’s frozen, hit the flexible bottom against a hard surface. This will loosen up the ice to be pulled out (and probably relieve some stress). The tube is designed with a slight draft to make pulling the ice out easier.

It’s just a better way of doing things. And with a projected price of $8, you’re not even overpaying for the convenience. This being a project from design firm Quirky… an availability date has not been announced.

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  1. Wow a real Ice cube tray aficionado, your mother must be so proud. These comment sections are for our opinions. You know freedom, U.S.A, we are all allowed to have opinions. Even people like you who have nothing better to do than try to step on others because of theirs. Come on guy grow up, let’s get back to what we feel about the products and not each other, unless of course this is what you came here for, to attack anyone with a differing opinions. And I stand by mine I wont buy it.

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