The Crucifix NG, Saintly EMF

crucifix engBy David Ponce

This is a little over a year old, but for some reason it’s resurfacing (it’s like a Second Coming, I guess…), and I think it’s worth a quick mention. The Crucifix NG is for those people for whom simply having a cross hanging around isn’t enough. Why, being bathed in a continuous stream of saintly ElectroMagnetic radiation consisting of a non-denominational ASCII version of the Lord’s Prayer at 916 megahertz is much, much better.

Why 916 Mhz? Turns out that the cheapest transmission chips within the FCCs license-free bandwidth crank out at that frequency.

Fun stuff.

Doesn’t look like you can buy them straight off the website, though there is a contact email for you to inquire.

[Crucifix NG] VIA [Ektopia]

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