The Cork Catcher Prevents Champagne Related Injuries

cork catcherBy David Ponce

What really always scares people as they’re about to give a toast, is the thought of popping someone’s eyeball out with the cork, as it’s violently expelled from the Champagne bottle. And although for the spectators this always adds an element of excitement (“Will that bitchy mother-in-law get it?”), there are those among us who might prefer to play it safe, and use the Cork Catcher.

To use it, simply place the device onto the bottle, press down firmly, then turn the bottle whilst holding the catcher in place. You still get the “theatre” and “pop” of opening your expensive bottle of bubbly – but without the risk to life and limb.

Though they may not know it, your partygoers will probably appreciate the trip to the ER you saved them with your ?20 investment.

[The Cork Catcher] VIA [Gizmologia]

5 thoughts on “The Cork Catcher Prevents Champagne Related Injuries”

  1. Well, when you here that pop you’re really losing bubbles. There’s no reason for an explosive cork – you don’t really pull the cork out. You hold onto it with one hand and twist the bottle with the other.. However rarely do people understand this – even bartenders. Similarly you don’t open a bottle of wine by smashing it on a boat.

  2. You are not supposed to let the cork fly off a champagne bottle. The proper way is to hold it with a towel and twist the cork until it comes off with a soft pop, not even a pop really, just a slight release of air. You want to keep as much bubble in the champagne as possible.

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  4. “Did you know that you are more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than by a poisonous spider? ” Even if you open it correctly like stated above? Where did you get your statistics from?

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