The Contortionist Bike Folds Into Its Own Wheels


By David Ponce

Student Dominic Hargreaves has been shortlisted for this year’s James Dyson Award and a chance to pocket a cool £10,000 for his design of a folding bicycle that neatly tucks within the circumference of both of its 26 inch wheels. It reportedly takes about 20 seconds to fold and unfold, though we suspect that overly enthusiastic nitwits will likely stump themselves on the origami-like process like so many drunken IKEA furniture assemblers.

Still, we hear that there are already a number manufacturers interested in bringing the prototype to market and rumor has it that the prince range would hover around $700.

Of course, you realize none of this is really interesting unless you watch the video, which we’ve included after the jump.

VIA [ TechEBlog ]

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  1. You never see him pedal on the bike… It always seems to cut away each time. I don't know if they have figured that part out yet or what.

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