The CL Sound Machine

cl sound machine

By David Ponce

Being the inveterate (no, no, not invertebrate) entertainer that you are, you’ll no doubt appreciate the following item. The CL Sound Machine does it all: it’s a vinyl record player, an iPod dock, a CD player, and a wine rack. All in one stylish piece, so you can impress all your guests.

The 200W amp pumps its juice through the gramophone inspired speaker, while an 8 inch subwoofer provides more bass than you can shake a stick at. The wine rack can hold 12 bottles and the CD player can handle 5 disks.

Sadly, you can’t pick one up at your local Wal-Mart: it’s in “limited production”, and you have to contact the company to request pricing and availability.

[The CL Sound Machine] VIA [Sci-Fi Tech]

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  2. I’m from Brasi, sorry my bad english.
    Her… how i start my comment, yes, i know.
    With the creation of iPod, various idiots try
    to make “BAD” use of the real function o this PMP, i have a OR3003 it’s not a Apple, is a Orange “World’s Recognized” and it’s good too, these guys (a.k.a timelosers), are difaming/distorcing the real and principal intention of the PMPs (PORTABLE midia player)

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