THE CK-104LW-PSU LED Keyboard

led keyboard
By Bruce Eaton

Before the comments come flying in, hold on a second. There are a large number of LED-lit keyboards on the market today and I realize this is nothing new. But it is the one option that many have overlooked that sets this one apart. The CK-104LW-PSU LED Keyboard has an option that I, in my research of other LED keyboards, have yet to see listed as a feature: an ON/OFF switch.

Coming in a choice of white or black, it is a pretty standard keyboard with USB and PS/2 interface. The only price I could find was 3,980yen or around $40, which is pretty good. It is just nice knowing that if I have this and in the middle of the night want to turn the lights off, I can. No more spooky ethereal glowing from the computer room.

[LED Keyboard] VIA [Akihabara News]

5 thoughts on “THE CK-104LW-PSU LED Keyboard”

  1. I’ve got one of the “always-on” types, and they’re pretty cool. If this one had a way to switch colors, or perhaps even had timed rotating colors…geez, how about video patterns, skins…okay, I’m shutting up now.

  2. My $15 no-name glowy keyboard has an on/off switch as well as volume controls and a mute button. I’ve had it for several months.

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