The Chat Cushion Ends Awkward Silences

Chat Cushion (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

When the conversation hits that point of awkward silence or if you’re just trying to break the ice the Chat Cushion’s got you covered. On the front of the pillow you’ll find a few small rips from where you can extract ‘question ribbons’ that should help freshen up your conversation. Think of it as an oversized, stuffed fortune cookie but without the delicious cookie part or even the handy lottery numbers.

The Chat Cushion comes with 100 questions already inside but I’m not really sure if there’s a way to restock the pillow when it’s empty. If there is I would just remove all the standard questions right away and replace them with my own like “How awesome is Andrew?” or “How can someone be as funny as Andrew?” or even “How much does Andrew not care about what your cat did this morning?” etc.

The Chat Cushion is available from for $120 CDN or about $107 US.

[ Chat Cushion ] VIA [ Uber-Review ]