The Chalktrail Bike Attachment For Kids Is Sure To Pretty Up The Neighbourhood

By David Ponce

Depending on which side of the child love/hate fence you fall on, the above will either be seen as a brilliant idea or a nuisance to be avoided at all costs. The Chalktrail is a simple attachment for bicycles of all sizes (wheels from 12” up to 29”) that holds onto a street chalk at one end and the bike on the other, and lets kids draw on the street just by pedalling around. Its simple wishbone construction means that it can be fitted to pretty much any bike with no tools, so kids can use them without the help of parents.

It’s smart and simple, although we imagine the process of generating anything more than a bunch of illegible squibbles is a far more daunting task. Should you see this in your neighbourhood, there’s a decent likelihood your eyes will be sore a lot, unless you have yourself a little biking artist next door.

Which, let’s face it, is unlikely.

Anyway, it started out as a Kickstarter project, and got fully funded five days ago. Demand was high and it’s apparently sold out for now. But there are talks of distribution with a major toy chain, so you might see these in stores in time for the Holidays.

[ Product Page (warning: auto-playing video)] VIA [ Gizmag ]