The Cell Zone Phone Booth

Cell Zone (Image courtesy Salemi Industries)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m pretty sure half the time using my cellphone is spent seeking out someplace quiet in order to actually hear the person I’m talking to. And to be honest I can usually never find a quiet place when I need one and have to settle for ‘less-loud’ instead.

The people at Salemi Industries have no doubt experienced the same thing but instead of complaining about it they’ve gone and developed the Cell Zone. It’s basically like a regular phone booth but without the payphone and an improved overall design making them much more sound-resistant. The idea is to have the Cell Zone placed in nightclubs, restaurants and even libraries where people can then make and receive phone calls without disturbing other people.

The Cell Zone would be completely free for anyone to use and would be supported and paid for via extensive advertising and corporate sponsorship.

[The Cell Zone] VIA [Coolest-gadgets]

4 thoughts on “The Cell Zone Phone Booth”

  1. Sounds like a good idea for clubs & restaurants – and also stops people from being disturbed by mobile phone users!

    If they made the walls (& accompanying adverts) somehow translucent, then they could also be used on busy streets without the fear of becoming public urinals, as is the Achilles Heel of many an old Phone Box (though the vandalisation menace still remains)…

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  3. “completely free to use”? What a concept… free use of air. Does this mean that somebody somewhere considered charging people to stand in something the size of a porta-potty without even something to sit on?

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