The CatCrib Is Like A Hammock For Your Kitty

You can spend all kinds of money buying kitty a fancy new bed for him to sleep in, but you know that in the end he’ll fall in love with a random piece of cardboard and call that home. Such are cats. But if you buy him a CatCrib and he ignores it, at least you won’t have it lying around, taking up all kinds of space, like that $100 faux-fur bed you bought just last summer that hasn’t even been used once. The CatCrib is kind of like a hammock that attaches to anything with four legs, efficiently using space that would be wasted otherwise. It looks comfy enough for a feline to appreciate, and at $29 in three different colours, won’t break the bank if he just ignores it.

Hit the jump for a video of a random grey cat properly trained to use the CatCrib, as well as links.

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