The Catapult Watch Tosses BBs, Makes It Hard To Tell Time

Catapult Watch

By Evan Ackerman

Lately, much effort has been put in to making watches that tell time with creative combinations of blinky lights. That’s all well and good, but I think that we’re overlooking a critical area: making watches that tell time while hurting people. The Catapult Watch may not be the most elegant of watches, but it makes up for that by being able to shoot BBs (or any other small object that you’d like to turn into a projectile) into people’s eyes from up to eight feet away. And, with some difficulty, you can use it to tell time.

Catapult Watch

You can find the Catapult Watch at Backyard Artillery for $49, and they’ll throw in a free supply of ammo with every order. If the watch isn’t quite violent enough for your taste, check out their fully functional scale catapult kits.

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