The Bloody Cleaver Ring is Bloody Awesome

The Bloody Cleaver Ring is Bloody Awesome

Bloody Cleaver Ring

This is the one ring that’ll shock most people when they see it. (Aside from a wedding ring, that is, but this kind of ring is more of a good surprise than a scary, gory one…)

The Cleaver Ring isn’t delivered all bloodied up, so you can wear it clean if you want. But if you prefer to spice things up, turn more heads, and maybe even shock your grandma when you go visit her this weekend, then smear some blood red dye all over the edges and on your fingers and throw in a few squeaks of pain in there for good measure.

Bloody Cleaver Ring1

The Cleaver Ring was designed by Raul Souza and is available on his Etsy store for $220.

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