The BeeTune’s Infrared Goodness

By David Ponce

So here’s something that should get the RIAA’s panties all up in a bunch. It’s yet another MP3 player, called the BeeTune, with the notable feature of having an IR (infrared for those of you acronymically challenged) port, like the ones on cellphones. Presumably, you’d be able to share your collection with other BeeTune owners, albeit at a snail’s pace. Last time I tried to upload something to my cellphone with IR it took me just short of forever.

Nevertheless, this might make for some rather interesting tune swapping parties, since of course you’re too preoccupied with your gadgets and such to even get invited to those other kinds of swapping parties.

It’s being launched in the UK and sizes will be ranging from a 128MB version which will cost around £70 ($125) to a 1GB offering that is expected to fetch around £120 ($220).

Read the full article here. Story VIA ChipChick.