The Beatles Finally Go Digital


By Chris Scott Barr

For years people have been predicting that The Beatles would finally make their way onto the iTunes store. Fans collectively held their breath when Apple announced a press conference on 9/9/09, the same day that the remastered collection of tunes was to be released on CD. Unfortunately it seems that the two still haven’t gotten over that fruit-based trademark issue. Well if you’re wanting your digital Beatles fix, there is a different way to go about it.

The entire remastered collection is being released digitally on a limited edition apple. No, it’s not a real apple (though it does look rather tasty), but a 16GB flash drive. It includes the exact same songs as the CD collection, but encoded in FLAC to achieve the best sound quality possible. They’ve also included 320Kbps versions of each song. Why? Because lossless music can take up a good bit of room on your portable media player. The flash drive will be limited to a run of 30,000 and will set you back $280. Strangely enough, it will be released on December 8th, which Beatles fans will recognize as the day John Lennon passed away.

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9 thoughts on “The Beatles Finally Go Digital”

  1. Me, personally, I’ve never really liked any artist to praise them, so I might sound weird when saying, “What’s the big deal with Elvis, Micheal, the Beatles and numerous other artist which people seem to go crazy for and die to see. To me they are just people who sings songs, nothing significant, sure some song are amazing, but that’s only cause you might relate too some. Shouldn’t all songs be available for purchase regardless of what program uses, I mean releasing a RB game with only Beatles songs, come on.

  2. It is a very tasty looking green. It's very beautifully done. I'm really impressed. This might be on a list for someone I know. I don't know, because I think they have what they want when it comes to songs.

  3. This is really awesome, a bit pricey but a true fan won't care. I like that they include two different quality audio tracks. Very awesome collection, and I do like the green

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