Brushless DC Motor Business Card (Image courtesy Metrix Create:Space)

The Battle For Business Card Supremacy Continues – This One Turns Into A Brushless DC Motor

Brushless DC Motor Business Card (Image courtesy Metrix Create:Space)
By Andrew Liszewski

Checking the leaderboard, the last clever business card design we came across was Ramiro Pareja’s PCB board that featured a built-in USB port and on-board memory holding his resume and a cover letter. So while I’m not quite ready to push Matt and Duncan from Metrix Create:Space to the top of the charts for their plywood press-fit business card that turns into a brushless DC motor just yet, their design does have the potential to claim the top spot.

It was apparently created and fabricated in just one night, which is an impressive feat, though the 3mm thickness of the card is a little wallet-busting, and the motor doesn’t actually run without an Arduino controlling it as you can see in the video below. So hopefully their plans of refining the design, including making it out of considerably thinner veneer instead of plywood, come to fruition.

[ Metrix Create:Space – Plywood Press-Fit Brushless DC Motor Business Card ] VIA [ Make ]