The Armadillo Bread Bin

By David Ponce

“What’s that?”
“What’s what?”
“That thing, on your counter!”
“Oh that! Yeah, that’s my bread bin.”
“Uh huh. Why does it look like an armadillo?”
“Well, you know…”
“Right. And how much did that “armadillo” cost?”
“Eh, I dunno, like $110 or something, why?”
“Right, right, no reason… So, um, you want another drink?”

Story VIA Uncrate.

8 thoughts on “The Armadillo Bread Bin”

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  2. The translation is following:

    “This is the very first breadbox of the world which would be buyed even by me. The design is probably more inspired by an armadillo but the carapace is made just of thin aluminium which protects the bread from evil environmental pollution”

    well, this is a quite accurate translation and in german it doesn’t quite make sense neither.

  3. I so feking want it :/ My bread is always hard and stuff .. mainly because our breadbin is so ugly everyone refuses to use it. But with this it would be a real pleasure hehe.

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