The Aquagate Gives Shower, Takes Money

aquagate shower

By David Ponce

At least, we’d think that any shower that needs to be pictured standing, monolithic, in the middle of a barren desert land is likely to cost a pretty penny. Especially when the shower, called Aquagate, has a few unusual tricks up its sleeve:

A middle console with touch screen both on the inside and on the outside forms the heart of the Aquagate?. Thanks to the possibility of playing MP3-files or listening to your favourite radio programme, you can now relax and at the same time enjoy your favourite music during a refreshing shower or vitalising steam bath. Hot mist from above, cold mist at head-height, a ?cool down? programme that offers you coolness from top to toe, aroma and light therapy, a rain shower or a Scottish shower are all part of the extremely luxurious equipment level.

There’s no price listed anyplace, which further re-inforces our impression that it’s one of those items where, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford.

[The Aquagate Shower] VIA [SciFi Tech]