The Aquabot Turbo T4

So, there’s one more of those robots that do menial tasks for you. Before I get to the description, let’s see the list so far. You have the carpet cleaners: the Roomba, the Scooba and the SmartCarpet. For the lawn, you have the Evolution. And now, for the pool, comes the Aquabot Turbo T4, from company AquaProducts.

There are other pool cleaning bots, but this one claims to be the top of the line. At $1700, it better darn well be.

It travels up and down vertically and navigates the pool using artificial intelligence designed by Aquaproducts. The result is a 6-fold increase in reliability with a cleaning time as low as 1 hour. This much more efficient and shorter cleaning cycle makes it ideal for free form pools and it will even clean most stairs and love seats.

In addition, the T series units incorporate a water jet that gently power washes to lift stubborn debris from cracks, crevices and tight corners. A hand held remote control is also included. This allows you to spot clean a particularly tough area or to touch up just before guests arrive.

Just like all other robots in the Aquabot line, The T4 operates independently of the the main pool filter and works with no hoses, no hookups, no booster pumps or suction lines. Just place it in the water, push a button and that’s it!

The company website is here. You can’t buy it there though, so I found this retailer. Just navigate down the page a little. Finally, the story came VIA eHomeUpgrade.