The Annoyinator Will Annoy the Heck Out of You


Nothing annoys people more than high-pitched sounds that just get on their nerves. If you want to wreak havoc and cause undue distress to people (because yeah, you’re a prankster like that), then the Annoyinator is just the thing you need.

It’s essentially a targeted loudspeaker of sorts for your iDevices. It was conceptualized by the Henry, who is the son of Caleb Crome, the Kickstarter project’s listed creator. You see, Henry wanted his dad to create the loudspeaker so he could aim the sounds from the ‘Dog Whistle’ app.

After working on the design, the first Annoyinator was 3D printed. They tweaked the initial design a bit to produce maximum annoyance and eventually came up with the current prototype. The Annoyinator is able to do what it claims to do, although if you plan to aim music or speech audio, then you might have to stuff it with some soft material to “smoothen” the sound.

The Annoyinator recently reached its funding goal on Kickstarter. If you weren’t able to back it, then maybe you can send a message to Caleb explaining you really want one.