The AdapTex Streamlines Your Typing

By David Ponce

This company takes predicitve typing to the keyboard, and turbocharges it.

You know what I’m talking about. When you try to send an SMS, with your mobile, sometimes you’ll see it trying to guess the word for you, to give you less to type. Well, Scottish company Keypoint Technologies took that concept and made a keyboard: the AdapTex.

It doesn’t just blindly guess what you’re typing, though. It takes context into account and makes the best suggestion, based on relevance.

It is about recognition of the patterns you use and is therefore unique to the user. It can remodel itself from any document to reflect the author’s natural vocabulary, language traits and topics,’ says KeyPoint Tech’s MD Sanjay Patel. It is also smart enough to learn and reshape itself dynamically. The company claims to be on the verge of signing with one of the big PC manufacturers and is also in talks with mobile phone companies.

If it works as advertised, you’re supposed to see 150% increases in flow & throughput (productivity) and benefits of 150% more usability & ergonomics.

Or, uh, cut keystrokes by 80%.

Sounds good.

Price? Ah… that’s an alabaster clam reciting poetry to God.

Check out the website. Story VIA Techdigest.