The Accurate Watch Is A Real Pick Me Up

The Accurate Watch Is A Real Pick Me Up

The Accurate Watch (Images courtesy Mr. Jones)
By Andrew Liszewski

You know I have no idea why I decided to write about this watch on December 24, a day when people are supposed to be celebrating with family, friends and loved ones, and generally in a pretty upbeat mood. Because this watch is an instant kill-joy. It’s like having a cold, hard dose of reality strapped to your wrist. It’s called ‘The Accurate’ because the hour hand reads “remember” while the minute hands reads “you will die.” So while technically that sentence only comes into perfect alignment at 9:15 am & pm, the message will stick with you the entire day. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

It’s available from Mr Jones Watches directly for $145 for the regular model, and $150 for a special edition model which features a case coated in black PVD for a longer lasting finish.

[ Mr Jones – The Accurate Watch ] VIA [ Design Milk ]

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