The 2007 OhGizmo! Christmas Countdown

2007 OhGizmo! Christmas Countdown (Image property of OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Well here we are, 364 days after the first OhGizmo! Christmas Countdown started, ready to begin the second one. And just like last year, every day between now and December 25th I’ll be posting a new Christmas or holiday season-related gizmo to help make things a little more festive around here. At the least, it gives you a reason to waste 37 seconds every morning. Consider that my gift to you.

And like I emphasized last year, don’t necessarily look at this as a gift guide for what to buy your friends or family. We post that kind of stuff all year round, and David even contributes to the FM Holiday Gadget Guide if you’re particularly stumped. This countdown really only covers the types of gizmos you see on the market from the time Hallowe’en ends, until the new year begins.

So sit back, grab some egg-nog and a candy cane, put a little Christmas music on and then wait until tomorrow morning when I actually get things started.