The $150 “Think Content for ThinkGeek Contest”

Yes, that’s the best name our marketing team could come up with. I tried to fire them, but they attacked me in true lawyerly ninja style. I suppose it’ll have to do.

So, this is it folks. Y’all seem to want ThinkGeek money, so that’s what you’ll get. A $150 gift certificate from your favorite geek store is at stake and anyone, from anywhere can win. All you have to do is send me an ounce of deep fried Gorgonzola dodo meat. Alternatively, you can go inside to read the real contest rules.

So what’s this thing? Well, here’s the deal. At OhGizmo, we recognize that content is king. We also realize there are only 24 hours in a day, and content needs to be found, somehow. So why not entice the readership to go out there, and find it for us? Tips and, better yet, fully written stories are very, very valuable, and this, my friends is what you need to send to us. In exchange, we’ll reward the best contributor with $150 to spend online, at Thinkgeek.

So this is not a game of chance. If you work hard enough at it, you are guaranteed to win. You will find below a form you can use to send us your tips or fully written articles. Since we realize that sending us a fully written story involves more work than a simple link, we’ve devised a system where this is taken into account.

Accepted tips will be worth 1 point.

Accepted, fully written articles, with little need for editing, will be worth 5 points

Standings will be updated daily and displayed publicly so you can keep track of how you’re doing, so make sure to always include the same email address. And, on September 28, 11:59PM, EST, whoever has the most points, wins! Simple as that.

To enter, visit this page. Yes, yes, the same stuff is written there. Just scroll a little.

4 thoughts on “The $150 “Think Content for ThinkGeek Contest””

  1. Ok, so I got my dental insurance back so it was time to fix a few things here and there. Even though there are no shiny mp3 players in my story, it involves a whole set of different gadgets that even though we hate, we should be thankful to them every time we drag our bodies to the dentist while hoping the laughing gas gives you happy thoughts.

    Chewing Equipment:
    I had definitely forgotten what having a drill, a power hose, a chainsaw, a vacuum cleaner, a lamp, a concrete machine, a dryer and about 3 fingers felt like in my mouth. Yes, my visit to the dentist seemed like a 10 acre property being attacked by herd of John Deere trucks building a Galleria mall. I have not been able to explain myself why Dr. Tooth from Openyourmouthforme land injected so many anesthesias in my now looking like a dart board gums. He was working on my right maxillary so I felt num from my right eyebrow to my lower right calf… I don’t know much about dentistry, but surely I started to get curious when being poked and injected with enough novocain to hush a small third world country. I might be speculating but I think that doctor had a lot of anger inside. Maybe he was raised by wild dingoes and then realized he was different while drinking water at the local pond. Maybe he found his mama humping the milkman or perhaps a shiny toy was taken away from him… I don’t know. Call me paranoid but at some point while vigorously drilling the wazoo out or my molar, I think I heard him whisper the phrase: “why did you do this to me mommy, I hate you, I hate you” but again, it might have been the high pitch noise of the 900 watt device I had in my mouth. After all it pays off… I’d rather go through that than making a living off of the fairy tooth at such an age like mine.

  2. i think you could give more than 150$.
    oh gizmo will have a lot of cool posts by doing nothing..i think all the posts you will save from writting means more than 150$ (15 days updating with a very small chance to win does not worth it)
    im sorry,my english is not great.

    I think it could be cool winningn just by one post: the post! the perfect article
    think about it

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