The $12,000 Button

This 100px by 120px button is a novel form of advertisement, inspired by Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage. It allows you to purchase advertisement on OhGizmo in incremental amounts, to match your budget. Each pixel on that space costs $1, and you can purchase in blocks of $100. The link to your page will stay on the site for two years and the cumulative traffic you will receive during this period will result in very low CPM rates.

OhGizmo! receives a monthly average of 250,000 unique visitors, totalling over 400,000 page views. Over 1,000 other blogs link here, and Alexa has determined that we are (as of May 28th, 2006) the 22,633th most trafficked site on the internet.

As of this writing, 6,000 pixels have already been sold. Don’t miss out, and get yours now.

3 thoughts on “The $12,000 Button”

  1. waitaminute….this idea seems sooooo familiar. 🙂
    you have billions of visitors, subscribers, links and mentions and you’re only 22600 in alexa?! what in the world do you have to be to be no.1? the first website/blog ever created?

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