Thanko’s USB AC Adapter

usb ac adapter

By David Ponce

If you’ve been reading gadget blogs for any amount of time, you’re no doubt aware of the endless stream of devices that either charge up, or work only when connected to a USB port. The problem with that is that a USB port is usually tied up to a computer, and there’s a decent chance the computer is not with you at all times. For instance, when you’re travelling. Which is why this little gadget from Thanko, the pleasantly named USBACH01, could come in handy. It allows you to connect up to two USB devices directly to a wall socket and either charge them, or use them without the need for a computer.

And, like many a Japanese gadget, it’s conveniently priced at ?1,270 ($11). It’s a steal, if you ask us, though we wish they had models with more than two ports, seeing as we’ll likely end up needing two or three of these.

[Thanko’s USB AC Adapter] VIA [FarEastGizmos]

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