Thanko Motorized TV Stand For Getting Your Wii On

Thanko Electric Up and Down Big TV Stand (Image courtesy Rare Mono Shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

While video games have traditionally been a passive experience, the Wii changed things up by forcing players to get up and get active. Now I’m not saying that being forced to stand is a good thing, but games like Wii Tennis and Wii Bowling are considerably more fun when you’re not laying on the couch. And to make it easier to see your flat screen TV while standing, Thanko has created the ‘Electric Up and Down Big TV Stand’ which can be used to lift your display up to 130 cm.

It can be operated remotely with an included wireless and wired controller and it’s apparently able to lift displays that are up to 110 lbs in weight, which is pretty impressive. But like most things you’ll have to decide if the convenience and improved sight line when playing your Wii is worth the $675 price tag for the stand.

[ Thanko Electric Up and Down Big TV Stand ] VIA [ Digital World Tokyo ]