Texthook Lets You Text While Ignoring Your Child


By Chris Scot Barr

I know a few people that text all the time. I seriously can’t have a five-minute conversation with them without getting interrupted by their stupid phone. Even watching them go about their daily lives, they have to stop whatever it is they’re doing, and shoot off another text. It’s made me wonder how textaholics manage when they first have children. Do they text less? Will they actually grow an extra appendage? The real answer is that they’ll find new and inventive ways to text while still paying the bare minimum amount of attention to their child. Behold the Texthook.

Pushing a stroller and texting probably isn’t easy (nor is it the most brilliant of ideas), so why not take some of the effort out by mounting your phone to said stroller? That is exactly what the Texthook is all about. It’s a simple device that will allow you to mount a variety of phones to the handle of your stroller. For just $26 you too can be oblivious to the world around you while pushing your child into potentially dangerous situations.

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6 thoughts on “Texthook Lets You Text While Ignoring Your Child”

  1. Does anyone seriously need that much communication? I was driving home the other day and saw a woman walking her dog. It was about 10 F outside but she's talking on a cell phone instead of rushing her dogs business and getting back inside. What can these people possibly be talking about? She couldn't wait until she was back in the house? The biggest thing that really chaps my ass is that I know at least 80% of the people talking on the phone and driving (erratically) are doing nothing more than gossiping. Reality Check: You are not driving correctly! In fact they drive worse than drunks. It's all another aspect of selfishness and no regard for others.

    Wow, I'm not my usual funguy self this morning.

  2. At least their offspring will get hit by a car as they cross a street without knowing it. Thereby removing their DNA from the gene pool. I guess they will sue the company for making the product then.

  3. I actually laughed out loud reading this, “For just $26 you too can be oblivious to the world around you while pushing your child into potentially dangerous situations.” You guys don't pull any punches, its great!

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