Welcome To Our New Server

If you see this post, the DNS changes have propagated, and you’re being served a fresh copy of OhGizmo from a server at Bluehost.com. We’re told they’re faster, better and, well, just better than the crap we’ve been hosted at for the last year: Dreamhost.com (they don’t deserve a hyperlink).

Let us know if it’s faster, or if we’re just imagining things.

[ Update: Yeah, ok, so some images seem to have been lost in the move. Fear not, they’re still in the old server, and they should be back up shortly. Most of them are there, just, for some reason, some went missing… -Ed. ]

17 thoughts on “Welcome To Our New Server”

  1. Hi all, is bluehost really faster or reliable? I’ve experienced few times unaccessible for my site in a week time with cwihosting.com. I’ve read on OhGizmo saying bluehost is good and I’ve signed up for 2yrs and doing my migration over currently. But James’ comment made me scared as he claimed he experienced on and off downtime with bluehost, how true is it ?

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