Tesla Model S 100D Focuses On Range, Not Power

The new Tesla Model S 100D has the same capacity battery as the better known P 100D (100kWh), but instead of being able to propel you through a 0-60 sprint in a ludicrous 2.4s, it does it in a still ridiculously fast 4.2s, faster than a base model Porsche 911. What you trade off for the loss of power is extra range: the S 100D can go a full 335 miles on a single charge. That’s more than any EV on the road, and should go a long way to satisfy even the most intrepid commuter. The best part is that you’ll save a whopping $39,500 over the P 100D, which might make you rethink why you needed to get to 60 in under three seconds anyway.

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