Terminator Salvation T-600 Cyborg Fist Toy

Terminator 4 - Electronic Good Series: T-600 Terminator Punch (Image courtesy TOYSREVIL's I LIKE TOYS)
By Andrew Liszewski

T4 is just around the corner, and since robots have resulted in some of the best toys of all time, you better believe that stores will be saturated with Terminator Salvation tie-ins this Spring. And continuing in the recent trend of novelty hand replacements like the Hulk Smash Hands comes these totally awesome T-600 Terminator fist toys. The details are a big vague right now because of the language barrier, but they’ll apparently feature a fist punching or launching action, and a steep price tag of about $75. And if you’re curious as to what other Terminator Salvation toys will be filling your cubicle in a couple of months, head on over to TOYSREVIL’s I LIKE TOYS blog for a big collection of figures and other T4 tie-ins.

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