Tentsile Tents Take Things Off The Ground

By David Ponce

Bears, they sure like to snack on humans. No, that’s not true! We’re more like a full meal for them.

All bad segues aside, the Tentsile tents look awesome, and may actually make things a little harder for forest dwelling creatures seeking to nibble on your camping toes. They hang in the air, hammock-style, and the different models can accommodate 2, 3-4 or 5-8 people. The 5-8 person model doesn’t seem to require trees, instead relying on its own tripod like structure to raise the tent off the ground.

The structure comprises a collapsable frame of webbing straps with fire retardant, UV PU and water resistant polyester fabric infill panels. The frame is held in tension by elongates which collect at each of the three high level anchor points, and at the base to form internal spaces.

We don’t know how much they are, but they do seem to be available. We can’t imagine this stuff being cheap. Still, hit the jump for more pictures and links.

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