Ten Out Of Ten Sea Otters Agree: LG Philips Flexible Oil Water Display Is Pretty Slick

Oil Display

By Evan Ackerman

The last time a major corporation tried mixing oil and water, the results weren’t nearly as pretty as this prototype display from LG Philips. Typical E-Ink displays use organic light emitting diodes and are expensive to produce, but LG Philips has patented a method of making pixels out of itty bitty plastic cells containing oil and water over a colored background. Normally, the opaque oil floats over the water, obscuring the color. When an electric current is applied, the oil moves out of the way, revealing the color underneath. Cheap to produce? Check. Colorful? Check. Flexible? Check. There isn’t any information about the refresh rate, power consumption, or pixel size of this new technology, but hey, at least it’s otter friendly.

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