Temporary Printing Machine

By Evan Ackerman

Temporary Printer

Observed today in the Kinetica Museum at the Old Spitalfields Market in London is this temporary printing machine, which uses an array of ultraviolet LEDs moving over a light sensitive surface to create monochrome images. The printed effect lasts between 30 seconds and a minute, so the image slowly fades, creating a blank canvas for the machine to print on again. The software can be customized to print just about anything, and can even be hooked up to a camera to continually print a portrait of whatever the camera sees. A limited edition of 10 interactive pieces is available at an undisclosed price from the designers, rAndom International. Enjoy my shaky video:

Incidentally, this week I’ll be blogging exclusively from London, England. If anybody local has suggestions of gizmo-y places to check out, please post in the comments. Cheers!

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