Teflon’s Got Nothing On This Robot Spatula

By David Ponce

The video above is really sort of mind bending. It features a Japanese robotic spatula called SWITR, which actually stands for Special World Idea Technology Revolution. We’re not certain how the name relates to the product, but the device really is sort of revolutionary. As you can see, it’s able to pick up gels, ketchup and other sticky substances and drop them back down without even so much as disturbing them. A close inspection of the video shows that the process seems to involve a thin film material that is wrapped once around the leading edge of the spatula. As this edge extends, the upper side of the film remains in place while more comes out from underneath. What this does is allow for the stuff that is being picked up to not have to slide on the spatula; there seems to be no lateral surface-to-gel movement. Of course, the material of the film itself has to be incredibly non-stick, since even with this method, some gel would remain even on something like Teflon.

This is not a consumer product, at least not yet. It’s being used in production lines, and the company can probably make you a customized solution, at least if our understanding of the Google Translated page is correct.

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[ SWITR Robotic Spatula ] VIA [ Core77 ]

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