Tefal Quick Cup – Hot Water In 3 Seconds

Tefal Quick Cup (Image courtesy Currys)By Andrew Liszewski

The Tefal Quick Cup (or T-Fal for those in North America and Japan) is another shot at improving the kettle by only heating as much water as is actually needed. You simply fill the reservoir with cold tap water and then any time you need hot water for coffee or tea you just push the red button and it will be automatically dispensed. The water is only heated as it travels from the reservoir to the spout and it only takes 3 seconds to bring the temperature to just below the boiling point using Tefal’s patented Opti-Quick system. And if you only need cold water just push the black button and you’ll get clean, filtered water from the spout instead.

Since the Quick Cup only heats the water as it’s being dispensed it dramatically cuts down on wasted energy. In fact Tefal claims the kettle can reduce energy consumption by 65% compared to a standard kettle. Not only is using less energy better for the environment but it’s also great for your monthly energy bill.

The Quick Cup will be released in early July (in Europe at least) and will retail for about $120. While it’s not cheap it’s probably one of those ‘better in the long run’ kind of things.

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