Teddy Sitter Keeps One Eye On Your Kids, and Another On Your Sitter

Teddy Sitter

Even the most hands-on parents leave their kids with the sitter sometimes, and that’s where gadgets like the Teddy Sitter comes in. It looks like a regular brown teddy bear that you can find in most toy stores, except that it’s got a large and shiny beacon-like nose where I assume the camera and sensors are located. Because while the Teddy Sitter looks like a toy, it most definitely is much more than just that.

It’s meant to double as a babysitter for your kids, but I think it’s always safest to get a human to do that job. But for your peace of mind, the Teddy Sitter lets on-the-go or absentee parents monitor what’s happening at home in a truly novel way.

The Teddy Sitter is programmed to do all sorts of fun and educational activities with your kids. It can tell bedtime stories, jokes, sing songs, or play MP3 files of your kids’ favorite tunes. It also functions as a nightlight and alarm clock. The mobile app that it comes with definitely adds to the Teddy Sitter’s features, specifically the ones that lets parents keep a closer eye on their kids, even when they’re far away from home.

Aside from taking photos and sending it to you, the bear can also measure the room temperature and humidity levels, should you ever need that information. You’ll also be able to send messages (and have your kids respond to you) through the bear, although perhaps a phone would be more appropriate.

The project is currently up for funding on Indiegogo, where you can get one for €100 (~$132 USD).

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